AQX Technologies: Automating Post-Trade Operations

AQX Technologies: Automating Post-Trade Operations

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Hristo Dinchev, CEO & Co-Founder, AQX Technologies Hristo Dinchev, CEO & Co-Founder
he evolution in technology has effectively transformed the operating procedures for the financial industry. Today, brokers, asset managers, and fintech firms are increasingly leveraging automated trading systems to increase their trading effciency without any manual intervention. However, while the front office processes have witnessed tremendous enhancements in their operations, the middle and back offices still lag behind due to inefficient post-trade operations. Many firms operate with legacy and inflexible systems that no longer satisfies the requirement of modern financial institutions. these systems do not offer visibility to the trading and operations teams, which leads to communication gaps, errors and high operational risks. Besides due to over-reliance on manual processes, finding errors becomes an arduous process for middle and back-office teams that eats up their valuable time and also results in poor customer experience.

This is where AQX Technologies comes to the picture with next-generation post-trade solutions for the institutional investment community, enabling them to automate their middle and back-office operations quickly and reliably. The company’s highly efficient and fiexible trade management platform automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks in real-time that allows brokers, asset managers and fintech firms to focus on their core competencies. The platform automatically collects all the data from the trading systems, including equities, fixed income, derivatives, and cryptocurrencies, and subsequently processes and forwards them to all counterparties worldwide.

The AQX’s trade management system follows three core principles— multi-asset, real-time, and easy to implement—which are an integral part of the platform’s DNA.

From Equities to Crypto Assets, it can manage every asset class and quickly adapt to new ones, eliminating asset class limitations for the clients. Further, the platform is built to be real-time and event-driven that allows the company to be T+0 and Distributed Ledger ready at all times.

More importantly, the platform is easy to implement with fiexible APIs that streamlines and automates entire post-trade operations for its clients, from capturing every single trading transaction, through integrating and processing the trade data, to distributing it to all relevant counterparties.

Once the AQX platform is implemented, it enables real-time trading flow by capturing client/ market orders and filling them from multiple front-o_ce systems such as OMS, EMS, PMS via _x protocol. It also offers fiexibility in file importing by enabling clients to collect trade data from various flat-file formats like CSV, XML, JSON, Excel and many more. Not only this, clients can also enter manual trades quickly using AQX’s intuitive user interface.

  • Once the AQX platform is implemented, it enables real-time trading flow by capturing client/ market orders and filling them from multiple front-o_ce systems such as OMS, EMS, PMS via _x protocol

Moreover, for seamless integration, the trade management platform automatically validates and enriches the trade data, handles exceptions and notifies users upon finding any discrepancies. It also calculates different types of commissions, taxes, IB fees, CSAs and more based on clients’ predefined rules. Additionally, the platform helps in trade aggregation by aggregating and booking trades, calculating prices and settlement amounts. Not only this, theplatform also visualises reports and charts on all the clients’ devices, which enables them to know exactly how their businesses are performing at any time.

For streamlined distribution, the platform automatically generates and sends confirmations of orders to clients in different formats and sends settlement instructions and receives back statuses. Notably, the AQX trade management platform also generates regulatory reports and uploads them automatically on governing bodies systems such as FCA, EMIR, and MiFID II.

With its innovative post-trade solutions and excellent client service, AQX Technologies has built an extensive connectivity network through the years with some of the most trusted trading, portfolio management, accounting, risk management, compliance, and other systems in the industry. The company now plans to add more features to its robust platform to aid its client in their trading journey.

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AQX Technologies

Sofia, Bulgaria

Hristo Dinchev, CEO & Co-Founder

AQX Technologies is a trade management solutions provider, servicing broker-dealers, hedge funds, fund managers, proprietary and principal trading firms throughout Europe. With more than a decade of experience building front-to-back-office technology solutions for а leading European asset manager, AQX Technologies has fine-tuned its Trade Management Solution to meet the needs of Europe’s buy- and sell-side firms. AQX Technologies has earned a reputation for delivering excellent client service and is collectively serious in its efforts to continue its success. They place great importance on the traditional values of honesty, high-quality customer service, and professionalism both internally and externally.