Arabesque: Delivering Sustainable Intelligence

Arabesque: Delivering Sustainable Intelligence

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Since the turn of the century, as the effects of climate change became more apparent, the global business landscape witnessed a growing movement toward establishing sustainable and environmentally-conscious operations. Today, the need for greener business is at an all-time high, with top financial organizations only looking to back companies that are aware and focused on achieving their sustainable development goals (SDGs). To achieve impactful investments, investors perform environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) reporting of a potential acquisition.

However, due to a lack of disclosure, limited accessibility, and inconsistency of climate and ESG data, investors are facing huge hurdles in accelerating their capital allocation toward low-carbon and sustainable operations. Even with the establishment of the new International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB)— tasked with developing a global baseline for disclosure standards on climate and ESGrelated matters, investors are still struggling to identify the investments capable of making real change.

The global financial technology company Arabesque addresses this need with its innovative ESG Book platform, which is a centralized library that makes ESG data accessible, comparable, and transparent for users. ESG Book is inspired by the alternative approach to ESG data, where it is made widely available instead of storing it in highly red-taped ecosystems. This idea is proposed and supported by an international coalition of partners, including The International Finance Corporation, UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), Allianz, Bridgewater Associates, Climate Governance Initiative, and more. To help make this a global reality, Arabesque developed ESG Book as a way to help companies, investors, standard-setters, and other stakeholders alike, in seamlessly consolidating ESG data, benchmarking it against market standards and identifying actionable insights.

Arabesque’s ESG Book is built to achieve five goals: facilitating businesses to take control of their ESG, connecting companies with shareholders via enhanced transparency, boosting accessibility and impartiality, levelling the playing field with framework-neutral data, and easing the reporting burden. The platform also provides additional paid features—a full suite of ESG analytics to identify risks in an investment portfolio, assess the net-zero alignment of assets or develop the carbon footprint of hundreds of assets.

Our ESG Book platform not only helps investors make well-informed decisions but also enables companies to be the custodians of their own data by providing framework-neutral ESG information in real-time

“Our ESG Book platform not only helps investors make well-informed decisions but also enables companies to be the custodians of their own data by using frameworkneutral ESG information in real-time,” says Georg Kell, Chairman at Arabesque.

Apart from ESG Book, Arabesque offers its AutoCIO to assist asset managers and investment professionals in building hyper-personalized and highly customizable strategies that can be tailored to any investment need. AutoCIO was launched in 2021, making it the perfect tool for asset managers looking to adapt to the burgeoning adoption of automation and AI. “AutoCIO helps users build active, alpha-generating, investment strategies that are automatically aligned with client sustainability objectives,” states Kell.

Powering AutoCIO is Arabesque’s proprietary AI Engine, which identifies and analyses patterns in data on a large scale to discover subtle relationships that can be translated into alpha opportunities. The AI Engine can process billions of data points each day for its stock signal outputs, using the equivalent processing power of tens of thousands of computers, and is run on carbon-neutral Google Cloud infrastructure.

At the heart of such strong competencies is Arabesque’s simple belief in combining economic value creation with environmental stewardship, social inclusion, and good governance to drive the creation of a greener future. “Our mission is to contribute to the mainstreaming of sustainable finance through our marketleading technology platforms, AutoCIO and ESG Book,” adds Kell. Looking ahead, Arabesque aims to transform the finance industry by blending intelligent applications of market-leading sustainability know-how and cutting-edge technology.

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Omar Selim, CEO, Arabesque Group; Dr Daniel Klier, President of Arabesque and CEO of Arabesque S-Ray; Herman Bril, CEO of Arabesque Asset Management; Dr Yasin Rosowsky, CEO of Arabesque AI

Combines AI and ESG big data to help investors and stakeholders assess the performance and sustainability of corporations worldwide and make well-informed investments.