Digiterre: Robust Data Engineering Driving Business Value

Digiterre: Robust Data Engineering Driving Business Value

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Ian Murrin, CEO, DigiterreIan Murrin, CEO
In a connected world, even minute occurrences can translate into massive changes elsewhere, which cannot be forecasted or predicted rationally. The volatile capital markets are especially prone to this domino effect. For instance, a loose end in the supply chain, weather fluctuations, changes in fuel prices, or random political events can cause erratic fluctuations in the commodity trading markets. Against this backdrop, accurate data from varied sources is paramount for quants, stock traders and risk managers to make competent investment decisions that withstand the volatility of the markets.

However, access to quality data has become challenging owing to the ever-increasing datasets from disparate and siloed sources that have made proper data capture and collation difficult. On top of that, emerging datasets like environmental, social and governance (ESG) data add to the complexities of data analysis. Consequently, chief capital markets decision-makers both on the buy-side and the sell-side find it challenging to respond to the vast and often unrefined data, glean actionable insights from it, and present it coherently to investors.

This is precisely where Digiterre is helping key capital market decision-makers perfect their data gathering, validation and analysis with cutting-edge data engineering solutions. Helmed by CEO Ian Murrin, Digiterre designs fast and scalable digital infrastructure with big data software engineering created for efficient capture and cataloguing of data from various datasets. Digiterre’s data architectures automate the entire data lifecycle, providing fast access to accurate, clean and organised data from complete or incomplete datasets.

Digiterre creates technology-led transformation for some of the world’s biggest organisations in the sectors of asset management, banking, energy and commodities trading and insurance. The focus is on enterprise-level trading transformation and that starts with data.

Digiterre produces platforms that take any organisational data ecosystem (multiple data sources or source systems) and bring them together into a single view of the truth to derive real business value. Their platforms handle both traditional and alternative market data and in any form (structured or unstructured).

“At Digiterre, we help organisations build their data architectures and the engineering necessary to provide the relevant data at an unmatched speed and scale,” states Murrin. With features like on-demand data ingestion, real-time data validation, enrichment and analytics, intuitive data visualisation and flexible reporting, Digiterre’s platforms accelerate data management for organisations.

Possessing the capacity to proficiently handle change at scale, the Digiterre platforms are adaptable to changes in capital markets regulations. For instance, Murrin recounts a platform built with Man Group PLC to strategically handle all post-trade requirements in adherence to MiFID II regulations. The multiple award-winning platform allowed the company to ingest, monitor and validate their Order Management System data at the source, raising data quality from around 65 per cent to 99.97 per cent even before processing. With advanced data tracking abilities covering the entire trade life cycle, the platform helped the company enhance their MiFID II reporting and store the aggregated data for future enquiries or regulatory changes.

In another instance, Digiterre enabled a large custodian bank to provide better market services to its customers with excellent data engineering capabilities. By combining an in-depth understanding of data integration, connectivity and streaming with powerful UI capabilities, Digiterre facilitated data validation for the bank across the trade life cycle and provided responsive front-end solutions comprising world-class forex, pricing and hedging tools. “These tools support both the market-facing and the internal custody-facing capabilities required across the bank,” informs Murrin.

Enabling Digiterre to deliver heightened value to clients is a plethora of cutting-edge, mostly cloud-based technologies including AWS and Azure. “Combining these immensely powerful cloud technologies with the structured and unstructured data stores and agile ways of working, we can produce a rate of innovation in data engineering never achieved before,” extols Murrin. Leveraging technological expertise, Digiterre will continue to enhance data management for organisations with innovative data engineering solution.

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London, UK

Ian Murrin, CEO

Digiterre enables technological, organisational and digital transformation for enterprises with bespoke data engineering solutions. Digiterre designs fast and scalable digital infrastructure for efficient capture and cataloguing of data from diverse datasets. Digiterre’s data architectures automate the entire data lifecycle, providing fast access to accurate, clean and organised data. Digiterre builds platforms that handle both traditional and alternative market data in both structured and unstructured forms from either complete or incomplete datasets. Their platforms bring organisational data ecosystems comprising multiple data and source systems together into a single view to derive real business value for organisations.