Top 10 Capital Markets Tech Solution Companies in Europe - 2019- Companies
TAS Group [BIT:TAS]: Preparing the European Financial Community for a New Era

Top 10 Capital Markets Tech Solution Companies in Europe - 2019

Industries around the world are rapidly changing, and the regulations surrounding them are constantly shifting too. With credit markets taking hits, fluctuating currency values, and the uncertainties of Brexit hanging in the air, it has become a challenge to raise capital in the European economy. Capital market firms need tailored strategies to deliver solutions that can increase revenue and strengthen customer relationships. Premier capital market participants are in the pursuit of solutions that can plan and manage risks in a more controllable way.

Global capital markets have generated vast amounts of data that have been analysed by top-quality machine learning tools to give insight into the financial standing of companies. The new future of start-ups and their investors are moulded by their abilities to manage risk, leverage information to their advantage, and creating the right business models.

One of the featured companies, TAS Group, uses vast amounts of new data to guarantee real-time predictive business visibility, and enable responsive operations for a smooth collaboration. TAS Group has changed the way European banks manage their liquidity assets, cash, securities, and collateral. Other companies on this list provide state of the art retailing capital marketing technologies for clients in industries of all facets.

Capital Markets CIO Outlook has compiled a list of the top 10 capital market tech solution providers to tackle today’s challenges. We introduce you to the cherry-picked best possible solutions that are tailor-made and delivered to cover your company-specific needs. We present to you an exclusive edition of “Top 10 Capital Markets Tech Solution Providers in Europe 2019.”

  • Top Capital Markets Tech Companies in Europe

  • CloseCross offers the first fully decentralized derivatives platform that takes out the complexity of traditional derivatives trading, cuts out most of the cost, eliminates unquantified risk, and provides real-time crowd wisdom on asset price prediction; all benefitting the traders and aimed at financial inclusion in the worlds largest market. CloseCross eliminates the role of derivative issuers and intermediaries and creates a world first people-only derivatives market that is for the people and by the people. CloseCross’ multi-party market strategy built on a smart contract tackles unquantified risk. With the multi-party mechanism, trading is not a one-to-one mechanism which does not require leverage. Instead of changing the leverage variable between two parties, CloseCross changes the number of parties involved

  • A fintech that is preparing European banks to meet changing market needs by enabling a real-time 24x7 settlement infrastructure for cash, securities and collateral. To address the convergence of cash and securities—the next big wave in Europe’s integrated banking—TAS Group has launched Aquarius, the first-of-its-kind, off-the-shelf T2S platform that integrates liquidity management on TARGET2 and Nostro accounts. Besides its flagship post-trading platform, TAS Group provides a range of capital markets and treasury solutions for functions such as trading, post-trade, compliance, treasury, and collateral. The solutions can also be outsourced to data centres in the form of a plug-and-go service

  • 8topuz Trading Software

    8topuz Trading Software

    8topuz is an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) provider, which comprises of effective algorithmic systems and experienced traders. By deploying a balanced mix of human knowledge, artificial intelligence, discretionary trading, and oversight, 8topuz’s system helps members minimize risk, increase profits, and bring clarity into investment decisions. 8topuz’s approach to working with AI puts humans firmly at the center, where expert coders and traders mitigate risks and unpredictable outcomes. 8topuz excels in assisting traders and investors benefit from having a proprietary neural network that can identify patterns and predict and respond to future events

  • AlgoTrader


    AlgoTrader is a fully-integrated algorithmic trading software solution dedicated to quantitative hedge funds. It enables automation of complex, quantitative trading strategies in Forex, Equity, and Derivative markets. AlgoTrader software offers everything a typical quantitative hedge fund requires on a daily basis to run its operation smoothly. The algorithmic trading software product allows automated trading of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies With built-in business functions and absolutely automated processes, AlgoTrader enables businesses to reduce their working hours significantly. The company offers flexible order management enabling the businesses to execute any order in any market

  • b next

    b next

    b-next excels as a Capital Markets Trading Surveillance and Compliance solution provider. The company’s vision is to enable the firms to meet regulatory obligations fully and to manage their trading risk optimally. B-next’s powerful, scalable solutions encompass the total spectrum of compliance requirements for capital markets, allowing the firms to identify suspicious trading while improving overall efficiency and gaining a competitive edge. A highly dedicated provider of capital markets solutions for over 25 years, b-next has an expanding international client base, supported by offices in the US and Europe

  • Digiterre


    Founded in 2000, Digiterre offers to merge the benefits of technologies with organisational solutions for its clients. The company holds the expertise of building and supporting high-demand, data-rich products, and platforms for organisations to operate within standard business environments. The company believes in maintaining transparency with their clients by keeping them in the progress loop of projects. The company develops alternative approaches to solving severe problems. The company is committed to achieving a successful outcome by delivering real value at pace. The company tends to provide customized solutions to the clients’ issues, which enhances the ethics, efficiency, and market effectiveness

  • Finantech


    Founded in 1994, Finantech is dedicated to developing software for trading, with the mission of providing applications and services for financial markets. The company aims to monitor the evolution of the financial industry and its trends. The in-depth analysis of the financial market offers the company the ability to understand the clients’ needs and design and create data-driven trading products. Finantech offers transparency by enabling excellent communication with the clients. The company develops valuable products and services through systematic practices and ensure quality and reliability. The company’s data-based expertise allows promoting innovative work infrastructure

  • Imagine Software

    Imagine Software

    Imagine Software delivers easy-to-use technology to drive entire front-to-back office operations. The company offers a solution to improve portfolio performance, perform stress tests, and limit monitoring and aggregate firm-wide risk with complete transparency. The company provides global software, data, analytics, and services firm providing real-time portfolio management, risk, and regulatory solutions for financial institutions across the globe. The company also provides enterprise installation and full-service, cloud-based ASP, which generates real-time pricing, corporate actions, and 24/7 connectivity. Imagine Software provides its solutions to financial institutions across the globe at every level of their business

  • LGO Group

    LGO Group

    Lgo offers a global platform for agents, including investors, issuers, intermediaries, buyers, and sellers, to issue and exchange digital assets in a transparent, secure, and decentralized way. The company uses blockchain and cryptography technology to solve governance, trust, risk, and intermediation issues. The company aims to bring a transparent, fair, and secure environment to allow investors to trade digital assets. Lgo has developed proprietary technology using cryptography and blockchain to solve fundamental industry problem by design, without compromising the speed and efficiency of the clients trading platform

  • StrategyQuant


    StrategyQuant offers powerful strategy development and research platform by using machine learning techniques and genetic programming to achieve the automatic generation of automated systems for any market and timeframe. The company can combine and verify millions of different entry and exit conditions to construct the best strategies. The company’s platform help in generating numerous strategies based on advanced machine learning processes and results in advanced backtest, robustness, and optimization of tools. The advanced platform helps the user to identify high-quality strategies and reduce trading errors caused by human workforces