Top 5 Capital Market Technology Solution Companies in UK 2021- Companies
digiterre: Robust Data Engineering Driving Business Value

Top 5 Capital Market Technology Solution Companies in UK 2021

Today’s customers demand a rich ecosystem of value-added services and holistic capital and asset management solutions. This requires a complete reconfiguration of core systems, enabling competitive advantage and sustenance in the long run. Globally, most companies are now embracing agile and experience-centric capital market and asset management solutions. Thus, banks need to collaborate with experts with deep domain knowledge and expertise in designing and implementing contingency plans to mitigate security and regulatory risks. This will empower banks with a holistic approach to prepare for future risk and regulatory uncertainties. They should focus on optimum utilization of resources, strategic versus tactical spending, technical solutions to meet regulatory demands, cyber resilience platforms to protect from cyber threats, and a robust governance model for successful implementation.

The future of global capital markets will be determined based on how companies manage risk, regulation, and capital to establish new operating models and leverage information advantage. Regulatory bodies and banks should radically harness emerging technologies to innovate and participate in digital transformation. Embracing modernization, simplification, and automation technologies will allow investment banks, exchanges, and asset and wealth management firms to reach operational excellence.

In this edition of Capital Markets CIO Outlook, we present to you the list of “Top 5 Capital Market Technology Solution Providers in UK – 2021.” The list throws light on the Capital Markets Technology Solution Providers that assist the vendor’s capability to fulfil the burning need of cost-effective and flexible solutions to tackle complex capital market challenges.

  • Top Capital Market Technology Solution Companies in UK

  • Digiterre enables technological, organisational and digital transformation for enterprises with bespoke data engineering solutions. Digiterre designs fast and scalable digital infrastructure for efficient capture and cataloguing of data from diverse datasets. Digiterre’s data architectures automate the entire data lifecycle, providing fast access to accurate, clean and organised data. Digiterre builds platforms that handle both traditional and alternative market data in both structured and unstructured forms from either complete or incomplete datasets. Their platforms bring organisational data ecosystems comprising multiple data and source systems together into a single view to derive real business value for organisations.

  • Atominvest


    Atominvest provides next generation technology systems for alternative investment managers. From sourcing deals to raising funds, from managing investor relationships to monitoring portfolio, AtomInvest’s integrated, modern tech solutions can be tailored to the way one runs business and will give its clients the edge they needs to thrive in an ultra-competitive market. The software provides functionality and workflows to fund managers and their service providers, as well as their investors.

  • Investment Software Group

    Investment Software Group

    Investment Software offers IMiX, a front to middle office platform with a multi-client, multi-entity tier system, which combines a range of dynamic tools and services designed to analyse and master the complexity of wealth management. With reporting, modelling and management modules, IMiX provides real-time effective controls and complete transparency for managers and their clients.

  • irithmics


    irithmics is a fast-growing, financial technology (fintech) company. Its technology and data allow institutions to measure, monitor and anticipate the behaviour and reactions of capital market investors. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technology, Irithmics analyses the behaviour, patterns and trends of global institutional investors and funds, providing powerful insight to financial capital markets for issuers, investors and their service providers. These insights extend corporates’ understanding of their investors and provide asset managers with enhanced transparency into the behaviour and expectations of other investors. irithmics’ clients include listed corporates, fund managers and distributors, stock exchanges, brokers and financial capital markets PR/IR advisors.

  • Pynk


    Pynk is the game-changing, crowd wisdom investment platform that's built for everyday people, by everyday people.