Top 20 Capital Market Technology Solution Companies in Europe - 2021- Companies
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Top 20 Capital Market Technology Solution Companies in Europe - 2021

The capital market industry faces critical business challenges because of the continuously evolving and diversifying regulatory environment. Ongoing regulatory requirements, diversified product offerings, enhanced customer expectations, and fierce competition have become the new normal for today’s banks. Growing stakeholder and investor expectations in these volatile economic conditions add to banks’ pressure. Meeting the regulatory deadlines while striving for cost efficiencies is the biggest challenge for the banking sector.

Enabling firms to work on standard datasets in real-time, with minimal supporting options, Blockchain allows market participants a simplified, cost-effective, and transparent system. Another highly adapted trend that reduces both expenses and infrastructure is the migration to the cloud that helps transform IT-related capital to usage-based operational expense. Cloud computing and hence, digitization of various parts of the value chains increases the risk of exposure in terms of security. Hence, cyber-security is essential for protecting clients’ data to avoid damage to the brand, decline in clients trust and legal suits or investigations.

To extract the full value of technological evolution in the capital market landscape, enterprises often depend on solution providers to fulfil business mission and requirements while providing the right expertise to address the varied and complex needs of the industry. In this scenario, it is imperative that CIO’s and CEO’s invest in the right technology that suits their specific necessities. With that in mind, Capital Markets CIO Outlook has charted out 20 companies at the forefront of providing comprehensive and value-added capital markets technology solutions.

We present to you “Top 20 Capital Market Technology Solution Providers in Europe – 2021.”

  • Top Capital Market Technology Solution Companies in Europe

  • AQX Technologies is a trade management solutions provider, servicing broker-dealers, hedge funds, fund managers, proprietary and principal trading firms throughout Europe. With more than a decade of experience building front-to-back-office technology solutions for а leading European asset manager, AQX Technologies has fine-tuned its Trade Management Solution to meet the needs of Europe’s buy- and sell-side firms. AQX Technologies has earned a reputation for delivering excellent client service and is collectively serious in its efforts to continue its success. They place great importance on the traditional values of honesty, high-quality customer service, and professionalism both internally and externally.

  • Combines AI and ESG big data to help investors and stakeholders assess the performance and sustainability of corporations worldwide and make well-informed investments.

  • 360T


    Through their broad range of FX trading solutions, 360T is able to provide firms on both the buy- and sell-side with all the technology, services, and tools necessary to support their individual business requirements. With over 2,200 buy-side customers and more than 200 liquidity providers across 75 different countries, today 360T is uniquely positioned to help connect the global FX industry via our proprietary suite of web-based technology solutions. As the Deutsche Börse Group’s global FX unit, they offer a full range of streamlined services across the entire trading workflow of FX and Short-Term Money Market products, enabling firms to transact in a more transparent and efficient manner, whilst also reducing operational and regulatory risk.



    A-QUANT is a team of experts in Artificial Intelligence, Computational Finance & Finance with more than 25 years of trading experience each, having worked in Hedge funds, big corporations, research institutes & academia. They operate from London, New York, Athens, Cyprus & are incorporated in Cyprus. Their platform aggregates millions of data points from more than 12 different data sources and a combination of machine learning algorithms for regime detection, sentiment analysis, clustering, cointegration, and Hidden Markov Models development to produce high probability trading signals of certain risk/reward characteristics.

  • AlgoTrader


    AlgoTrader is bridging the gap between digital and traditional assets. Their one-stop technology platform leverages a single FIX API to enable traditional and crypto native clients to trade digital and traditional assets. With its seamlessly integrated trading infrastructure, they unify the entire institutional trading lifecycle for every type of asset, thus shaping the institutional trading of tomorrow. With WIRESWARM, they help banks maximize profit margins by trading directly and securely with low-fee exchanges while minimizing counterparty, operational, and market timing risks through seamless custody and core banking integrations as well as full trade lifecycle automation.

  • AlternativeSoft


    AlternativeSoft is an quantitative analytics software specialising in asset selection, portfolio construction, funds' due diligence exchange, and customised reporting. With over $1.5tn in client AuM, AlternativeSoft’s clients include some of the world’s largest pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, endowments, fund of funds, and wealth managers. These clients use AlternativeSoft’s solutions to create a unique investment universe and perform complex quantitative analysis to identify top-performing managers and subsequently build, optimise and manage portfolios. A highly-skilled London-based support team with over 20 years of experience at AlternativeSoft ensures that each user can generate insightful analysis and subsequently add alpha to their investment process.

  • altrady


    Altrady crypto trading software helps you trade on multiple exchanges and boosts your trading with the all-in-one cryptocurrency trading software. Altrady is the ultimate crypto trading platform for managing trades and portfolios across multiple best crypto exchanges. Its advanced smart trading form adds flexibility and power to your trading. Smart trading that fits all different trading strategies. The company simplifies day trading and automated trading for you and gives you advanced trading tools so you can save time trading while getting better profits.

  • Brickblock


    "Brickblock was founded at the beginning of 2017, focusing on mapping financial transactions on the blockchain. Their clients benefit from efficiency gains and more financial transparency for all stakeholders. Since its inception, they have provided our core securities system to companies around Europe and are a trusted partner of small, medium, and large institutional clients. They drive innovation for investment funds. The company helps fund managers save time, cut costs, and offer a superior investor experience.

  • CMC Markets

    CMC Markets

    CMC Market's goal is to provide you with the ultimate trading experience. They are passionate about online trading, constantly innovating, and looking to improve the way our clients invest in financial markets. The company aims to provide tight spreads regardless of market volatility, delivering competitive and reliable pricing. CMC Market offers attractive spreads right across our product range, from 0.7 points on EUR/USD, 1 point on key indices like the UK 100 and Germany 40, and 0.3 points on Gold. Their margin rates start from 3.3% for forex, 5% for indices and commodities, and 20% for shares and treasuries.

  • cometis


    Cometis AG is one of the leading investor relations agencies in Germany. With many years of expertise in the capital market and about market trends, they are continuously setting new standards in investor relations, and not just in Germany. They have a partner network and competent local contacts at all of the major financial centers in Europe and around the world. In this way, the company establishes contact with relevant investors, analysts, and media for our customers and support them in achieving their ambitious goals in investor relations.

  • CrossLend


    "CrossLend provides products to digitise loan asset transactions from start to end. They streamline Europe’s lending and investment ecosystem and facilitate the flow of capital across Europe. By providing both loan originators and investors with a single onboarding hub, centralised due diligence and standardised data, their platform and services empower lenders to lend more, and investors distribute the capital efficiently. CrossLend’s investor clients include EU and UK banks, insurance companies, asset managers and pension funds. They also have developed reporting solutions and analyses specific to each of these investor groups."

  • Dealogic


    Dealogic connects banks and investors through a global network. The platform provides integrated content, analytics, and technology that helps clients originate the right opportunities, distribute deals to the right buyers, and ensure seamless and transparent consumption of resources. Firms that use Dealogic see increased profitability and productivity, and a client’s success is their top priority. The company opens the door for financial institutions to enable people to collaborate, make decisions, and execute the socially relevant function of optimizing the flow of capital around the world.

  • Deutsche Börse

    Deutsche Börse

    As an international exchange organisation and innovative market infrastructure provider, Deutsche Börse Group offers its customers a wide range of products, services and technologies covering the entire value chain of financial markets. It organises markets characterised by integrity, transparency and safety for investors who invest capital and in companies to raise assets. Its business areas include the provision of index and ESG data, analytics and research solutions, trading and clearing services for investment instruments, securities settlement and custody, collateral and liquidity management, and investment fund services. In addition, the Group develops state-of-the-art IT solutions and offers IT systems all across the globe.

  • micobo


    Micobo is an infrastructure and software provider for a state-of-the-art tokenization platform. It provides the best infrastructure for the emerging digital assets global industries through blockchain and other Distributed Ledger Technologies. Understanding the digitalisation challenges, they want to leverage all its opportunities to create more secure and efficient capital markets. They aim to build an infrastructure that empowers issuers and financial institutions to access Blockchain-based assets by integrating Blockchain and other Distributed Ledger Technologies in the capital markets. The company turn their client's ideas into reality and aid them in realising their strategic ambitions. 

  • Quantirica Algorithmic Trading S.r.l.

    Quantirica Algorithmic Trading S.r.l.

    Quantirica is a firm based in Italy focused on developing Trading and Investment solution for Institutional Investment and Brokerage Firms, as well as to self directed retail traders e prop trading groups. The main focus of the Company is everything rotating around the Financial Technology.

  • Quintain Analytics

    Quintain Analytics

    Quintain Analytics is a data technology company creating products and solutions for the buy-side investment community around attribution and cost allocation of research services. With clients across UK, Europe and Asia, Quintain Analytics is helping firms accurately account for valued interactions and the impact on research budgets (or vote process) along with benchmarking tools to assist in the ongoing or future renegotiation of research agreements.

  • Scandinavian Capital Markets

    Scandinavian Capital Markets

    With years of experience in the wealth management sector, Scandinavian Capital Markets brings its experience and expertise in technology and passing through incredible price feeds to its clients. The company is building on its ability to cultivate trust, deliver quality and foster greatness through transparency and caring about its clients. The firm's reputation as one of the largest and most trusted ECN brokers in the world, Scandinavian Capital Markets pride themselves on giving them access to the best trading conditions in the market. The company only uses prime interbank top tier liquidity which ensures they only get access to the best technology and pricing available in the market.

  • Taurus


    Taurus is a global-leader in enterprise-grade digital asset infrastructure with roots in Switzerland. The company has >50% market share in its home market in Switzerland, the most competitive in the world. Globally, Taurus is entrusted by the full spectrum of financial institutions - systemic banks, investment banks, crypto banks, private banks, universal banks - financial market infrastructure providers and core banking systems. Further, Taurus has developed the most advanced and most complete digital asset platform in the industry which goes “way beyond” crypto-currency custody. No one else besides Taurus, is able to empower financial institutions to issue/onboard, manage, and book “any type” of tokenised securities and digital currencies. On any standard.

  • TradeRobotiX


    TradeRobotix offers IT services for financial institutions and private investors. They deliver high-performance algorithms and technical services to financial service companies, funds, traders and fintech to optimise profits and ensure long-term competitive success. TradeRobotix provides SasS (Software as a Service) for banking institutions and investors that can be individual finance areas connected to computer software development. Server-side development of Back-end applications, based on JEE servers or custom solutions when high performance is required. System tuning through optimisation of source code, database or system I/O operations to achieve the required performance levels.

  • United Fintech

    United Fintech

    United Fintech is a firm that acquires and scales innovative fintech companies in the capital market space, creating a fintech one-stop-shop which banks, hedge funds, and asset managers can benefit from to accelerate their transition to the digital world. They form partnerships with the founders of each acquired fintech to optimize their business and work closely with the financial institutional client base to provide elegant solutions for automating workflows, easing onboarding, delivering efficiencies, and saving costs. The company aims to match the knowledge and expertise of financial service providers with data-driven innovation to create an efficient symbiosis between customers, banks, and technology.