Top 10 Capital Markets Tech Solution Companies in UK - 2019- Companies
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Top 10 Capital Markets Tech Solution Companies in UK - 2019

Industries around the globe are growing dynamically, and the regulations surrounding them are constantly shifting too. With credit markets taking hits, fluctuating currency values, and the uncertainties of Brexit hanging in the air, it has become a challenge to raise capital in the UK economy. Capital market firms need customised strategies to deliver solutions that can increase revenue and strengthen customer relationships. Investors and capital market shareholders are in the pursuit of solutions that can plan and manage risks in a more controllable way.

One of the featured companies, CloseCross, developed a decentralized market prediction platform to make all types of derivatives available at low cost for every individual. Its market strategy stands out from its competitors in easing the derivatives settlement process by providing clients with a platform that can efficiently manage trading exchanges. Another company, Singletrack, is a proven industry-specific system that can be implemented at low risk and cost to deliver rapid ROI. Users have the assurance of world-class security and resilience – proven by numerous blue-chip organisations.

While most companies have only adapted their technologies to meet the technological trends, the ones mentioned on this list are the trendsetters and leaders in providing capital market solutions. The companies on this list provide solutions that are innovative, regulation-compliant, secure, and can be easily integrated into existing technological frameworks. We introduce you to the cherry-picked best possible solutions that are tailor-made and delivered to cover your company-specific needs. We present to you an exclusive edition of “Top 10 Capital Markets Tech Solution Providers in UK 2019.”

  • Top Capital Markets Tech Solution Companies in UK

  • Singletrack is a capital markets CRM and research distribution platform designed particularly for brokers, investment banks, and IRPs. The company helps banks, brokers, and IRPs harness their sales, research, and corporate assets to the highest advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Singletrack believes that there is a potential for data analytics to harness users’ data in CRM to help make client-facing business more effective and profitable. Singletrack offers streamlined corporate access management, centered research distribution with consumption metrics, enterprise-wide, real-time reporting, comprehensive activity logs for customer compensation reviews, and in-built transparency to satisfy growing regulatory requirements

  • Algoraise


    Algoraise builds advanced solutions to revolutionise investment systems. The company offers proprietary technologies to deliver smart, adaptive and efficient investment management solution. The company underpin new foundation underpinned by technology and automation for data analytics, investment process and risk management. The company also offers cloud-based investment management platform for high-tech investment management solution. The company embraces the technologies to automate operations, deploy predefined policies and achieve investment discipline. The company believes that markets exhibit identifiable patterns. By using AI and deep learning, the company studies the financial markets for accessing smarter decisions

  • Axioma


    Axioma provides applications for quantitative research and analysis methods. Founded in 1998, the company offers innovative asset management solutions, which help the professionals to tailor their investment and risk-management processes. The company empowers users to implement their proprietary strategies and ideas thoroughly. The company helps its solution users directly interact with highly qualified and credentialed specialists. Axioma also offers ongoing support and training to ensure its clients to extract the most valuable Axioma products. The company’s collaborative access to the in-depth knowledge of challenges helps the clients to overcome issues like portfolio construction, risk management, performance attribution, and trading

  • CreditSCRIPT


    Founded in 2016, Creditscript aims to re-engineer the technology used by the asset managers of diversified credit portfolios. The company put efforts to develop investment solutions and help the professionals investors assess loans and portfolios from online marketplace lenders. The company offers advanced solutions that can deliver data on price and large financial portfolios of loans. The company allows its clients to address the increasing demands for big data analytics, with the real-time portfolio and risk intelligence. The company provides reports of daily performance to let its clients understand and monitor real-time risks

  • Gold I

    Gold I

    Gold-i is a global market leader in trading technology to help hundreds of multi-asset brokers to transform their trading operations and robust liquidity management solutions. The company contributes to driving the market forward by aggregating its clients multi-asset liquidity that includes FX, CFDs, and Crypto-currencies. The company uses Matrix Insights to analyse order routing and report execution statistics. The company offers the extension of Matrix connecting entities and use its reliable technology to distribute liquidity globally. The company partners with necessary solution providers to get more value accessing high quality, competitively priced cash across multiple asset classes

  • Inforalgo


    Inforalgo is a London-based company that delivers a bunch of solutions to capital market firms. Inforalgo’s Straight Through Processing (STP) platform helps connect pre and post-trade data and convey activity reports in real-time time. The offerings from the company add value to trading operations and flexible enough to ensure a smooth deployment. The connectivity that Inforalgo provides to trading entities facilitates automated regulatory reporting as well. With a comprehensive dashboard, capital market companies can manage and monitor operations swiftly, resulting in heightened efficiency. Using Inforalgo’s services, capital market players can also access and utilize operational data better

  • Liquidnet


    Liquidnet is a leading provider of financial technology to capital market professionals. The company helps create new business opportunities by offering a well-connected global community of investment professionals. The trading and analytics solutions on offer include equities trading solutions, fixed income trading solutions, and solutions for investment professionals. Liquidnet develops desktop apps with its partner firms and helps automate trade. The technologies that Liquidnet possesses include Liquidnet Technology, Virtual High Touch, Advanced Analytics, Liquidnet Labs, and Information Security. Liquidnet calls itself a fintech company and focuses on driving up investment performance

  • Quantifi


    London-based company Quantifi caters to a host of industries with its advanced range of solutions. For capital markets, Quantifi specifically offers a set of advanced solutions in the areas of risk, analytics, and trading. The risk management solution allows capital market companies to monitor and manage the market, counterparty, and liquidity risks in real-time. The XVA solution from Quantifi also contributes to enhanced risk management by analyzing the risks and dynamics in pricing. With analytics, Quantifi enables capital market companies to access accurate, scalable, and transparent analytic capabilities. Additionally, the company also provides an FRTB solution that supports FRTB measures and regulatory elements

  • ShareScope


    ShareScope offers fully customizable trading, investment analysis, portfolio management, and charting and data analysis software package developed by Ionic Information. The company enables most investors to be able to analyze stocks themselves and to take ownership of their investment decisions. ShareScope's service enables private investors to access the same information as professional investors. The company provides fast access to customer support, helping them understand when to sell and maximize profit. ShareScope makes it as easy as possible to understand and use the information so that its clients become confident, independent investors

  • Trade Informatics

    Trade Informatics

    Trade Informatics is a provider of financial technology solutions in trade compliance, transaction cost analysis, and systematic trading for institutional investors. The company helps institutional clients globally through an offering of multi-asset quantitative trading analytics, a broker-neutral systematic execution platform, and other conventional trade execution services. Trade Informatics provides its clients with the tools and insights to succeed in an increasingly competitive investment environment. Trade Informatics utilizes its expertise in technology and comprehensive execution knowledge to arm portfolio managers with sophisticated tools and the visibility that is vital to gain transparency